Please fill out our new patient paperwork before your first visit. Please plan ahead and give yourself enough time.

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Please complete our detailed New Patient Form prior to your visit.


How does the new patient visit work?

The new patient consultation and exam includes a discussion of your medical history and current symptoms. Our paperwork is detailed so please have it completed before your appointment. Watch a short video about how the exam is conducted on our website.

How do I fill out the paperwork?

Once you download the file, you can fill it out and save it on your computer and email to You can alternatively print it and fill it out and bring it to your appointment.

How long does the assessment take?

The initial New Patient Exam and Consultation is approximately 45 minutes. Follow-up Exams are 15 minutes.

What is the average length of a treatment plan?

The goal of the treatment plan is to eliminate symptoms as quickly as possible by balancing multiple body systems. Maintaining systems balance over time is what allows for the healing process to occur. 6 to 18 months is the average time span for chronic conditions to resolve or become manageable with a small ongoing supplement protocol.

How long until I experience health changes?

Days, weeks or months depending upon how complex your health condition is. Dr. Kelpzig has developed a unique system for measuring vital energy (vitality) that he uses to track response to treatment.

What is Applied Bio-Energy Analysis?

Applied Bio-Energy Analysis or abea uses electronically imprinted vials organized in kits to help understand if the major organs and tissues of the body are maintaining their vital energy. If we start to lose the ability to maintain an electrical charge in an organ, then other organs in the system will compensate and an overall loss of energy and vitality will ensue. Returning balance to the systems creates homeostasis. When homeostasis or balance returns, then your symptoms will disappear. We use the kits and technique to better understand how the body is compensating, prioritize your program and track changes from visit to visit.


Respectful Staff, Dependable Service, Real Answers.

Respectful Staff, Dependable Service, Real Answers.

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