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We provide specific whole food nutrients and herbs that support better energy production and cellular communication.

“The goal of the treatment plan is to eliminate symptoms as quickly as possible by balancing multiple body systems.”

“The goal of the treatment plan is to eliminate symptoms as quickly as possible by balancing multiple body systems.”

Dr. Brian Klepzig, D.C., Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM), L.A.c., C.C.N.

Answers to Your Chronic Health Issues.

Answers to Your Chronic Health Issues.

We believe in the body’s amazing ability to heal itself.

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Connect the dots to find true health.

Our office uses the abea technique to better understand what is holding you back.

We do not guess, we test using a proprietary technique paired with a detailed health history.

Measuring vital energy is at the heart of our healing center and also at the center of Chinese Medicine Philosophy. Our testing uses hundreds of vials organized in over 20 kits used to test the a wide range of body systems, symptom patterns, food intolerances, pathogens, toxins and more.

Dr. Klepzig looks at the energy signature of body systems, individual organs and cellular function through muscle testing, nutrients and vials with a proprietary flow to better understand your health issue.


Dr. Klepzig and his staff are the best! They care about your total well-being.
Ruth Miller, Google Reviews
I go to his office in Charleston and he has done nothing but amazing things for my family and I. Neither of my children have ever had to get antibiotics and I was able to stay away from harsh acne medicine because of muscle testing. I’m very proud to be able to brag to my other healthy friends about how my parents brought me here when I was younger before it started gaining popularity!
Lillian FullerMoore, Google Reviews

I trust Dr. Klepzig 100% with my health. Has done amazing things with my overall well being. He is honest, thorough and knows how to heal.

Craig B., Hibu Reviews

Dr Klepzig is the best doctor I’ve ever been to. My family goes there and I trust him. It’s a great experience. No medication that may help one thing and cause numerous other side effects. He helps your own body heal itself with supplements. Thank God for him!

Brandy G., Hibu Reviews

I highly recommend Dr. Klepzig. I feel like myself again and have energy for projects and life.

Sherry T., Hibu Reviews

Caring knowledgeable staff. The treatment I am receiving has made an amazing difference in my recovery.

Deborah R., Hibu Reviews

I am very proud to be able to say that I have gone to Dr. Klepzig since middle school and haven’t stopped going since…This man is the real deal. He is the epitome of health.

Lillian FullerMoore, Google Reviews

Dr k is the most honest and caring doctor I’ve ever dealt with.

Meagan, Hibu Reviews

Whole Food Nutrients and Herbal Extracts The Way Nature Intended.

For over 25 years, we have partnered with Standard Process and Mediherb products.


Vitality is born from healthy body systems communicating effectively.

Vitality is born from healthy body systems communicating effectively.

Work with us to understand how to build energy reserves to better adapt to stress.