Brian K. Klepzig is a board certified (NCCAOM) and licensed acupuncturist and is a board certified and licensed chiropractic physician with offices in Charleston and Champaign, Illinois. Dr. Klepzig has been in practice since 1997. His specialties include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Whole Food Nutrition using Standard Process products
  • Mediherb Herbal Products
  • Applied Kinesiology Testing
  • Lab Testing – Saliva, Hair, and Blood


brian02As a child I was sick a lot. Constant recurring infections as well as allergies, acne, bowel problems, and exercise induced asthma. At one point as a teenager I was on nine different medications to treat my symptoms to which I had an extreme reaction that was life threatening.

I learned early that only treating the symptoms of physiological dysfunction was frustrating and could be dangerous.

My general lack of health and vitality has led me on a personal and passionate quest to discover what it takes to create true health and vitality. I have learned that if we remove the barriers to healing and promote the natural inherent physiologic healing mechanisms then we allow the normal healing miracle to occur.

I am awed by the simple complexity of the human experience and I am grateful each day to have the opportunity to witness the normal miracle of healing in my patients.

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