IMG_0177For a food to be legitimate it must be grown in high quality soil without the use of pesticides and herbicides.

Today, few people grow their own food. Rather, we consume food grown on depleted soil, sprayed with chemicals, and processed for long shelf life. When we exhibit the symptoms of malnutrition, we are offered more chemicals in the form of medication or synthetically isolated nutrients that function as drugs, not as nutrients. Real nutrients are complexes that function synergistically.

Knowledge of human physiology and biochemistry is essential to treat a patient successfully. My passion is the clinical application of real nutrition. Chronic degenerative conditions and “non-responders” are my specialty.

If you are treating yourself using nutritional products, then you are treating symptoms only. If you are using “nutritional substances” that are separated, fractioned, and isolated from the whole living food complex, then you are using a drug, not a nutrient. As a drug it is quite capable of altering symptoms but absolutely will not promote or allow for healing to occur.

Whole foods and whole food supplements, on the other hand, are still “alive” and contain the vital energy required for the health restoration process to occur.

Why do you need whole food supplements? These videos will help you understand.