Treatment by acupunctureYour body is electrical. I can treat your electrical system using acupuncture, and I can utilize your electrical system to find imbalances in your physiology. I do this with muscle testing.
The acupuncture meridian system is an elaborate series of electrical circuits. Your body has one main circuit breaker and thousands of smaller circuit breakers. By muscle testing I can determine which circuits need to be turned on, off, or just adjusted up or down.

Electricity has a positive and a negative polarity as well as an electromagnetic field. So do you. This is your vital energy or vitality. Your organs are considered vital not only because of the obvious functions they perform but because they also serve as capacitors and store vital energy.

Eighty percent of your vital energy is generated from properly digested good quality whole food. Ten percent comes from exercise, and the last ten percent is genetic potential energy stored in your kidneys. As you can see, 90 percent of your vital energy is generated by lifestyle choices and 10 percent is genetic.

Acupuncture treatments are like plugging into a battery charger. It is a very useful therapy but should not be used alone. I use it in conjunction with a whole foods diet and whole food supplements. Whole foods and whole food supplements are “alive” and still have electrical energy.

I consider myself a healer because I am a doctor who promotes the healing process. If I did not understand the subtle energies and electrical nature of the body, I would be ineffective as a healer.